Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits

Inspirational Stories of Rescue, Triumph, and Joy

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Nova Maris Press has only a very few volumes of this title remaining (2nd edition). There are no plans to reprint the book at this time.

True accounts of rescued rabbits whose courage will make readers cheer. The uplifting stories build compassion for and a greater knowledge of these often-misunderstood creatures. Just as delightful as the stories are the tidbits of wisdom interspersed throughout the book – from understanding the rabbit’s psyche as a prey animal to why a child should not be a rabbit’s sole caregiver.

Author Marie Mead says, "I wanted to write a book that captures the essence of rabbits – their joie de vivre as well as their independence and individual personalities. I also felt moved to expose the common plight of domestic rabbits in a way that would allow the stories to remain uplifting and inspirational and to acknowledge the people who recognize rabbits as the treasures they are."

Book basics

  • Publication date (revised edition): May 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-9786226-1-9
  • Foreword by veterinarian Michael W. Fox, DSc, PhD
  • Twenty-five true stories, many of them about rabbits rescued by the House Rabbit Society, Best Friends Animal Society, Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue, Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society, and the Rabbit Sanctuary
  • Contributions by bestselling authors Susan Chernak McElroy and Dr. Bernie Siegel
  • Color photography and artists’ illustrations
  • Resource section and Index
  • 9" x 8" oblong/softcover/184 pages
  • Full-color cover and interior
  • Smythe sewn
  • Retail price: $18.95